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Pink Purslane

Pink Purslane
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Model: Calandrinia calyptrata
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Pink Purslane is found in moist woods. It is short-lived annual with hermaphroditic flowers which are protandrous and self-fertile. The numerous fleshy stems form a rosette and the leaves are lanceolate. The flowers are 8-20 mm diameter, with five white, candy-striped, or pink petals, flowering is between February and August.

An example of the variation found in Claytonia sibirica is the subspecies known as the Stewarton Flower, so named due to its local abundance in that part of Scotland and recorded as such by the Kilmarnock Glenfield Ramblers.

In 1915 it was stated to have been in the area for over 60 years and was abundant on the Corsehill Burn. As the plant is very adept at reproducing by asexual plantlets, this has maintained the white varieties gene pool around Stewarton. The pink variety has not been able to predominate here, and only occurs occasionally, unlike most other localities in Scotland.

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