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Wild Poinsettia

Wild Poinsettia
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Model: Euphorbia heterophylla
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The Wild Poinsettia is a native plant of Mexico, and its original distribution includes an area spreading from California to east Texas and to much of Central America.


It is a hardy, ruderal species, growing between 30 and 70 cm in height. The leaves at the upper end of the stalk, close to the cyathium, have a striking, scarlet red coloration. Leaves are mainly 2-4 lobed and 4-7cm long by 1.5-3cm wide. Their contrast with the lower dark green leaves gives this euphorbia most of its common names.

The stalk exudes a toxic milky white sap. The cyathia or false flowers, are located in clusters at the head of the stalk and are yellowish green. They have no petals, the red color being part of the young leaves' coloration. The fruits are small, segmented capsules.

This plant often loses its coloration when it grows wild as a weed. It is resistant to herbicide.


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