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Wood Sorrel

Wood Sorrel
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 Many of the species are known as wood-sorrels (in American English typically written "woodsorrels" or "wood sorrels") as they have an acidic taste reminiscent of the unrelated Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) proper. Some species are called yellow-sorrels or pink-sorrels after the color of their flowers instead. Other species are colloquially known as false shamrocks, and some are rather misleadingly called "sourgrasses". For the genus as a whole, the term oxalises is also used.

These plants are annual or perennial. The leaves are divided into three to ten or more obovate and top notched leaflets, arranged palmately with all the leaflets of roughly equal size. The majority of species have three leaflets; in these species, the leaves are superficially similar to those of some clovers. Some species exhibit rapid changes in leaf angle in response to temporarily high light intensity to decrease photoinhibition.

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